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How to present our product? How to place efficient advertisement?
How to build lasting relationship with your customers?
How to reach more visitors and convert them into customers?
Our Marketing and Branding team will answer you these questions.


The brand is the spirit of the product.
The story behind the name, a good slogan, the customers’ association when they meet the brand, even the positioning in the markets or the pricing.
Your customers are more likely to remember the brand, and if they are satisfied with your product, they will certainly return.


The image is how others perceive your brand.
The primary elements, such as the logo, the font or the dominant colors make your brand identifiable, but the real power lies within the details: a creative branded business card or a specific move (like a handshake) offers a memorable experience.

"Sexy factor"

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) highlights one or more specific aspects why your product is better than the competitors’.
This benefit may be the price, a seasonal promotion, the excellent quality or even the free delivery you offer for your customers.
Determining the USP is an essential, complex task.

Brand Manual

As the name implies this document contains guidelines for different departments of the same brand, to increase the brand recognition.
It contains the detailed rules of branding and public image, such as the dominant colors, fonts, the occasions when corporate uniform is mandatory.

Marketin gstrategy

The Marketing strategy is a complex analysis and list of recommendations which takes into account the competitors and other actors in the market.
In accordance with your goals it defines the detailed business strategy, the communication plan and the sets project milestones.

Keyword research

Many modern marketing tools operate with keywords and their efficiency is based on knowing the source algorithms and practical tricks.
The success of online advertisement and search engine marketing relies on proper keyword analysis, and it can increase your traffic and decrease the marketing expenses.

Brand essence

The brand essence is similar to a company slogan. It describes the product or brand in few words, gives an insight what the product offers or how the customer can benefit from using it.
Ultimately the customer should remember the brand and the positive brand image only from those few words – like “Red Bull – Gives you wings”

Online ads

In Europe the Google AdWords and Facebook Ads advertisement systems provide the widest reach. Their dominance is explained by the wide range of segmenting options, the detailed targeting system. Worth mentioning, they are far more budget-friendly than the traditional advertisements.

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